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Nordic 5 Arts

A Nordic Expression in the Arts

Nordic 5 Arts was founded in 1993 by Kati Casida as an organization in the San Francisco Bay Area where expression
in the arts could flourish and artists with a common heritage
could gather and explore new ideas and present a unique Nordic/Scandinavian sensibility.

Presenting Artists of Nordic Descent

Nordic 5 Arts is comprised of professional artists of Nordic/Scandinavian descent and artists born in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.

What We Do

By sharing a common bond and working together, the member artists of Nordic 5 Arts have a chance to network, collaborate,
and participate in exhibitions.


Nordic 5 Arts sponsors exhibitions of painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography, design and architecture. Nordic 5 Arts also promotes cultural events and has, in the past, sponsored
folk dance, poetry readings and lectures.